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Compliance: Stay Out of Trouble

Compliance services can mean different things to different companies. Our offerings help your company (a) make sure you are aware of any compliance issues specific to your industry, (b) create plans that are already compliant in nature, and (c) manage your compliance efforts from messaging to archiving requirements.

Amanda Vega Consulting has a team that can help you with:

  • FINRA compliance
  • FDA compliance
  • FTC compliance
  • HIPAA compliance

We can take your compliance work completely off your plate, or work with your internal team to create an additional layer of expertise and support to make sure that you don’t get into trouble.

Case Studies

We have a number of case studies that our clients have been gracious enough to let us share with you. Simply shoot us an email and tell us which regulation impacts you and we will send you a case study showing how we’ve helped a company in your genre avoid or rectify compliance issues.

White Papers

We have an arsenal of white papers and tip sheets that we are happy to share with you.  Simply shoot us an email and let us know which of these papers interest you and we will get that right over.

  • Twitter 101 Tips and Tricks
  • Pinterest 101
  • FINRA and social media compliance
  • FDA and social media compliance
  • FTC regulation: how to make sure you’re compliant
  • HIPPA and social media: how to truly manage your interns and residents
  • Facebook 101


The FDA continues to increase their regulation across all forms of communication. Trailing the two-page long disclaimers that you see in magazines and online after a banner advertisement is a new set of rules that focus on social media engagement for pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and more. Our team, led by a medical doctor, can help you navigate this ever-changing set of standards that affect your company.

For more information, download our whitepaper about the FDA and social media compliance.


Are you a publicly traded company? Are you a financial services company? Then there’s an additional set of regulation and rules that apply to you. We help broker-dealers, investment advisors, hedge fund and private equity firms and more adhere to the various recordkeeping, content, and supervision services to keep you compliant. Let our consultants, two of whom had their Series 7 and 63 licenses, help you with your FINRA compliant social media and communication needs.


Most companies do not believe that they are regulated. However, the FTC has developed a set of rules and regulations that apply to almost every business online. The FTC has created legal and fiscal ramifications for not adhering to their transparency rules when it comes to digital communication. Let us help you navigate your mommy blogger outreach, banner advertising, and other internet marketing and social media communication to be FTC compliant.

For more information, download our whitepaper about the FTC and social media compliance.


Physician’s groups, hospitals, medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies are all bound by the rules of HIPAA. While many believe that their ad agency has them covered when it comes to their communications and compliance, the reality is that something can always fall through the cracks. Let our HIPAA compliance team, lead by a medical doctor, lead your team through training, required documentation and policy, and daily communication that is compliant, and thoughtful. For more information, download our whitepaper about HIPAA and social media compliance.

Additional Services (The Whole Enchilada)

It’s hard to list all of the other things that we offer our clients. That’s the beauty of not being an agency. We are top Internet industry consultants that are hired to make businesses make money. Most of the time firms come to us for our PR, social media, or compliance services. But eventually, almost all of them ask us for our online marketing expertise in areas like online marketing, search engine optimization, and marketing planning.